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Dark Reactor is always ready to consider applications from the right people. If you are a highly experienced games professional interested in working with us, then we encourage you to send your resume and a covering letter to the appropriate address from our Contact page.

Hard Surface Artist

We are seeking a mid or hi level 3D artist with a passion to hard surface modelling to create props, weapons and vehicles. We are ideally seeking someone who is self motivated, extremely passionate in the subject matter. With that, also be able to take direction well, open minded, and is seeking an opportunity to learn and grow. We build some of the best looking content for modern games, and this opportunity will allow you to work on different projects.

* Strong proficiency in 3ds max or Maya
* Strong proficiency in Hi/Low Poly modeling
* Strong UVs, normal map baking
* Strong understanding of realism in texturing
* Understanding of PBR
* LOD creation and Mesh optimization
* Works well with others, and open to feedback.
* Looking to learn and grow

Extra points :
* Experienced with substance Painter / Designer
* Sculpting in Zbrush
* Proficiency in UE4, CryEngine, Unity, etc
* Object scanning & Photogrammetry

DIGITAL ART 2020 Art Outsourcing Partner studio established in 2009 outsourcing services game development Instead of doing 3D modeling in-house, consider outsourcing these specialist tasks. This guide provides 7 reasons to outsource 3D modeling. Wondering if you should outsource 3D modeling? Trying to find out how it can benefit your business? Great 3D rendering is becoming an important part of the real estate industry. Because of this, it's crucial that you make use of 3D models if you want your real estate business to remain competitive. If your business wants to create 3D models on a regular basis, however, it's important that you seriously consider using outsourced services. While having an in-house 3D rendering team control, it's usually not the best choice overall. Outsourcing has some major benefits that will improve your business' efficiency and profitability.If you want Do More At Once to learn more, keep reading. 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you have an eye for detail and you like coffee and, then keep reading, you'll be interested! We are looking for a talented 3D Art Outsourcing Manager who is both rigorous and committed to working on Microsoft This project is not like the others! You will need courage, patience, and you will be asked to be autonomous and proactive in your work.
YOUR PROFILE You have an advanced degree in computer entertainment being challenged graphics You have at least 3 years of experience as a 3D Artist Get Access Resources in-house employees 3D architectural rendering, software tools job done.infrastructure the job modeling tools budget. deal system is well-maintained. By outsourcing, maintaining tools in-house 3D team An outsourced 3D models for Competitive best outsourcing 3D visualizations and rendering competitors technology evolves,trends and to stay competitive. outsourcing, you'll be able to get better quality 3D renderings While competitors use an in-house team to create 3D models, you'll be able to go beyond the basics to get the highest-quality models available. Customers and clients love to see 3D models and if yours look better than what your competition has available, you'll stand out in a big way. Making the Decision to Outsource 3D Modeling
real estate business to outsource 3D modeling. Outsourcing 3D modeling and more efficient, profitable, and competitivconsistent quality. outsourcing 3D rendering services now?your rendering quote or Outsourcing Manager You Looking for a job master computer graphics tools (3DSMAX, Character Studio, Photoshop...) You have a If you want to get to know us better, take a look at our good Simulator knowledge of the process of video game development and interaction. You are rigorous and methodical, with good writing skills You asobo studio like to work in a team and you communicate easily You speak English fluently. And if on top of that you've ever had to manage outsourcing, then this is the challenge for you! YOUR MISSIONS. Under the supervision of the Artistic Director and the Technical Director, within a team of graphic designers, you will have the following HoloLens missions: blue Main the management of subcontractors and graphic assets under holographic contract